ThinkVantage Productivity Center 3.11
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ThinkVantage Productivity Center 3.11

Free Manager for the ThinkPad laptop and ThinkCentre desktop
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Free   13.5 MB

Productivity Center guides you to a host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop.
The Productivity Center portal organizes your top tasks, most frequently used applications and help and support tools with the press of a button:
* Quick Links - One click gives you access to your top tasks such as starting a data backup, launching Lenovo PC Support or viewing critical system information. You can also customize Quick Links to suit your personal preferences.

* Resource Center- Go directly to important tasks and other ThinkVantage Technologies such as Away Manager, Access Connections;, System Migration Assistant;, Rescue and Recovery;, Client Security Solution and System Update. It also includes the Help Center section for system tutorials and other assistance. Resource Center can be customized and defined by IT administrators.

* Message Center - Learn about system and support features you might not discover on your own. Message Center is your connection to Lenovo's award-winning support team. Messages can be custom-defined and delivered by IT administrators.

Learn about your computer - The Productivity Centre - Learn about your computer module provides you with detailed information, including a tour, about the features and functions of your ThinkPad/ThinkCentre system.

Many other additional features are also available.

ThinkVantage Productivity Center is a simple and effective tool that helps you easily set up, configure, understand, maintain, and enhance your ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop.


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